“I wanted to provide a quick update and share our son was able to increase his score by six points on the ACT. We appreciate your assistance with getting him there and your passion for providing assistance for students when they need it most."

Anonymous New Orleans Parent


“Testmasters was great for my high school senior. She wanted to take the ACT over again to try and get a higher score. Through a tutor from Testmasters, her score went up in each area, even up seven to nine points in some subjects. She also got into Loyola University of New Orleans with a great scholarship for next fall!"

Anonymous Metairie Parent


“I got my SAT score back the other day, so I wanted to let you know that I got a 1360 overall.

I remember that on the test day both math sections were hard for me. Reading and writing were easier - there was one reading passage that I found very difficult.

I enjoyed the SAT more than the ACT, so I will take the SAT one last time in October. I would like to continue working with you if that is alright because I think it paid off. Thank you so much for all the help!”

Maddie H.


"My experience with Test Masters of New Orleans began my freshman year of high school, during which time I was doing poorly in my introductory French class and chose Test Masters for help. I was introduced to a native French tutor who taught at the International School in New Orleans, and within weeks pulled my C average up to a B and went on to finish the class with an A. I developed not only a better understanding of the language, but an appreciation for it as well. Now, as a sophomore in college, I am an Integrative Biology major as well as a French language minor and recently completed a study abroad in Paris. During the spring semester of 2016, I once again turned to Test Masters for help regarding my organic chemistry class. After making A’s in the introductory chemistries, I was both shocked and disheartened to get my first organic test back and see that I had made a low C on it. The sinking feeling progressed upon making an even lower grade on the second test, which is when I realized that this course was not something I was going to be able to tackle alone. It was then that I contacted Test Masters once again and began my tutoring the following week. Along with helping me to substantially bring my grade up and pass the class by meeting for about two hours a week, my tutor Nick was extremely attentive and was only a phone call away whenever I needed his input or had a question. I am now taking the second organic chemistry course and am having a much easier time understanding what is really necessary to grasp and not feeling overwhelmed with all of the sometimes crazy and miniscule details that the course encompasses, all because I was shown unique and comprehensive ways to approach problems that even my college instructor could not fully express in the three hours we shared together in class per week. Test Masters offers a comprehensive and thoroughly beneficial service through a vast selection of knowledgeable tutors who are able to not only improve your exam scores and class averages, but also help you to enjoy the class along the way."

Hunter W.


"With senior year approaching, our daughter was a few points below her goal score for the ACT. We contacted Test Masters and cannot say enough about the help they gave her and the opportunities she now has. The Rosenberg’s met with us, and formed their approach to improving our daughter’s score based on her testing weaknesses. Rather than spend time on areas in which she didn’t need to improve, Test Masters gave her a diagnostic evaluation and used those results to create a plan tailored to her needs. We cannot say enough about the help they provided. Our daughter improved several points in the three subject areas in which she needed improvement. Her composite score improved by 5 points. 5 POINTS! We greatly appreciate the Rosenberg’s’ individualized approach to help our daughter achieve her goal. So many opportunities are now available to her in the terms of college acceptance and possible scholarships. We cannot say enough wonderful things about them. We have already recommended their service to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you!"

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kampen


"Test Masters assisted our son in preparation for the SSAT boarding school entrance exam, which he had taken once previously.  With the assistance of Test Masters, our son scored significantly higher than before and was accepted into several prestigious boarding schools. "When I discuss standardized test prep options, I always mention Test Masters to my clients. In addition to teaching excellent preparations for ACT and SAT tests, the Rosenberg's offer an encouraging and supportive approach that help students pursue their goals."

Kathie C., C.E.P.Carnahan & Associates LLC


"Test Masters assisted our son in preparation for the SSAT boarding school entrance exam, which he had taken once previously.  With the assistance of Test Masters, our son scored significantly higher than before and was accepted into several prestigious boarding schools.  Indeed, one school offered a generous merit scholarship, stating that the scholarship was based solely on our son’s SSAT score.  Test Masters also is assisting our son with Spanish, a particularly difficult subject for him, and the Test Masters tutor has been very helpful.  We are immensely thankful for Test Masters’ assistance with our son’s SSAT preparation and anticipate relying on Test Masters in preparation for other standardized tests."

Mr. and Mrs. John C. P. 


"My family sought out the help of Test Masters last fall after we were advised that our son was not welcome back to his school for the spring semester. After considering other alternatives, we decided that homeschooling would be our best temporary option.  My husband and I are not, however, educators, and we both work full time.

I was put in touch with Laurie Rosenberg, one of the owners of Test Masters. This was a game changer for our family.  Laurie has been and continues to be a tremendous recourse and a wonderful support through an incredibly difficult and stressful time.  Laurie spent hours helping me find an appropriate curriculum for my son, matching him with one of her tutors (who is fantastic in her own right), and generally offering support when our struggles seemed overwhelming. Laurie has kept in touch through the semester, helping us to determine which schools in NOLA might be a good fit for our son, advocating for him through the admissions process, and providing us with homeschooling resources. Simply put, Laurie is a great educator and a great person.

My son has thrived in the process.  His tutor is truly gifted with children – patient and persistent – using techniques to keep him focused that I would never have thought to use (I am not a trained educator). She has worked in conjunction with our nanny to make sure that our son stays on track for this coming fall.  He is not only on track but has advanced beyond his grade level.  

While the group at Test Masters is no doubt a group of highly talented educators, what sets this group apart for me is that they truly care about the children and families with whom they work. 

If you need more information on our experience, Laurie has my permission to use me as a reference.  I am happy to discuss our experience with any potential client."

Aimee H. 


"Thank you for your outstanding concern and direction towards my children during the time they see you. That same outstanding concern and direction reaches outside the time they see you. I have called you on matters for direction where to go for testing and used your recommendations and have been completely happy and confident in my decision because Test Masters knows what is current and best.

Countless times you have asked me about how my children are doing. Mary Elizabeth has had wonderful success with one of your tutors. You have reassured me, if things stop working, you make me feel good by saying, it may be we need to find a different tutor. You both make it easy to find and keep the best tutors. I don't know of a business like yours that cares for their students like yours. I am very grateful to have you in New Orleans.

PS - My daughters feel the same way about your caring concern and how genuine you both are. I know when your students succeed, you feel success and when they don't, you find a solution and help them get on the track to academic success."

Mary Clare C.