We work with students of all ages, including kindergarten through twelfth grade, for all subjects. Assistance can range from specific subjects, such as physics, English, reading comprehension, and foreign language to homework helpers, who will work on over-all study skills and organization. Other areas will include: summer reading, vocabulary improvement, and remediation. 

We are experienced in assisting in Home Schooling; we can provide tutors to fill in with certain academic areas, such as Math and Sciences.

All sessions are primarily one-on-one, and usually performed at the client’s home, or at a nearby-library. Group sessions are available as well. 

All academic help will be billed at an hourly rate of $65, with no minimum number of hours. You are only obligated to pay for the sessions used; there is no minimum. All tutoring is invoiced at the end of every month, charged to a credit card, and a paid bill is emailed.